Is It Possible To Connect More Than One Orbi Router To The Same Wi-Fi Network?

Orbi Mesh System

Get enhanced signal at every corner of your house by just adding one more router to the existing single router on the home wireless network. You might be getting surprised by this statement. This is a fact and we want to make it clear all those who are doubtful whether they can add another router to the existing router or not through this post. By adding another router to the same home network, you can increase the speed and reliability of your network.

The benefits of adding another router to the home network are:

  1. Support to additional wired devices: We know there is limited number of ports available on single device for connecting wireless devices. Adding one more router will give you an option to add four more wireless devices to the home network.
  2. Connect wired and wireless devices simultaneously: You can connect wireless devices to one router and wired devices to another router which makes it possible to connect both the kinds of devices simultaneously. You can enjoy gaming on one router and at the same time, you can stream a movie through streaming media player connected to the TV.
  3. Augmented wireless signal: The signal will get augmented after adding the second router on the network. You can easily connect devices from far away location available at home. The Wi-Fi will remain connected and you can stream the content flawlessly from all the devices without any problem.
  4. Network isolation: Downloading larger files on more than one computer at the same time may create a connection problem or connection drop-out, which can be averted by adding second router on the home network.

How to select a router?

Out of the available routers in the market, we are going to discuss some best routers which you can prefer for your home network.

802.11 ac routers

  1. Netgear AC1750: It is the best device for connecting more than 15 devices at a time to the home wireless network. You can order this product online from
  2. Netgear N300 WNR2000: It is a trustworthy and strong router that offers a lifetime warranty. You can order this product from online e-commerce companies like Amazon or Flipkart.
  3. Netgear Orbi router: Netgear Orbi router is popular among the best performing routers. You will find additional 2 external antennas for the proper reception of signal from internet service provider.

How to use 2 routers in the same building?

To use 2 routers in the same building, you need to configure the second router with special design or settings.

First of all, place the router in the right direction where it can easily catch the signal and get physically connected to another router. Once you are done with this, add an IP address and other DHCP settings.

Substitute to the second router

If you are not having the second router but still want to improve the signal reception at home, then you can use network switch which is easily available in the market. It can be easily configured on existing network. For more information Orbi Router Setup you can visit Netgear Orbi Help.

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