Is It Possible To Configure Netgear Orbi RBR50 Without Orbi Application?

netgear orbi setup

It is indeed possible to configure Orbi RBR50 router without Orbi app installed on a smartphone or laptop. You might be wondering to know ‘How is it possible’? Well, we are going to walk you through the steps with which you can configure your router.

  1. Unplug your modem for a minute and remove all the cables from it.
  2. Connect the modem again after 1 minute and insert one end of the Ether cable to the modem port and another end to the Yellow colored port given on Orbi RBR50.
  3. Connect the router to the socket from where it will draw power. You can’t connect the router directly, you need a power adapter.
  4. The power light on the ring indicates that the router is turned on.
  5. Place the router just in the midway of your house so that the network strength should be sufficient enough to cater to its requirement.
  6. Wait for the ring LEDs to get stable. You will find different combinations of light on the ring of Orbi RBR50.
  7. The different color patterns followed by the Orbi router are:
  • Solid Blue: This color of LED means that the connection strength is proper and the signal is not breaking.
  • Steady magenta: This means the connection between the Orbi satellite and the router failed due to some reason. One of the main reasons is the distance between the two devices. Bring both the devices closer to each other and wait for 5 seconds.
  • Steady Amber color: This color means the connection strength is fair enough for route operation but not proper. To get rid of this, change the location of the router and check the antenna direction.
  1. If you want to setup the router with the computer, then connect both the devices with each other through Ethernet cable. An individual SSID and password will be assigned to the Orbi router which you can change according to your choice. If you want your smartphone to be connected to the home network, the router SSID must be known.  Connect the smartphone to the router through given SSID and passkey. The default credentials are ‘Admin’.
  2. Open from the web browser of your workstation and click ‘Enter’.
  3. Follow the on-screen guide to start with the setup process. All the login settings and details of IP addresses are given on this page.

Once the setup gets completed, all the lights on the ring will turn off for a while and restart on its own. This is the end of the setup. You can now start connecting the devices to the Orbi router. For more information Netgear Orbi Setup you can visit Netgear Orbi Help.

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