How To Troubleshoot 6 Most Common Issues Of Netgear Orbi Router?

Netgear Orbi Router

Netgear Orbi router is indeed a right choice made by you but what if the app installed on the smartphone for the router is not working as it should be. You might not be satisfied with it.

There are 6 common issues which most of the users experience on the Orbi router. If you are facing any of the below-mentioned issues, you can follow the troubleshooting steps.

  1. How to communicate with Netgear Orbi?

To communicate or troubleshoot the basic problems of your router, go to router login page from the web browser and log in with the default login credentials given on the hardware.

  1. How to change the SSID and password

You can change the default SSID and password of your router by visiting ‘Wireless’ option from the home dashboard. By default, the username is first four letters of Orbi model number. After selecting the username of your choice, you will be prompted to select the password.

  1. Turn off ISP router

Using more than one router at the same time may create interference or the channel may get congested. The internet service provider provides router for communication. If you wish to connect your Netgear router for better performance, you can turn off the ISP’s provided router by login into ‘ISP page’ or disconnect it from power supply directly.

  1. How to update the firmware?

Alike smartphone and computer, your router needs an update to improve the bugs and fixes. If you want to update the current version of your router firmware, click to open the app from phone and check the update option from ‘Advanced’ menu. If update is available for downloading, you can click to start download. After the downloading is finished, start installing it manually.

  1. Improper downloading speed: There are multiple reasons for this problem. If the network is too congested or the router is placed at one corner of the house, then the speed will suffer with the increase in the distance between communicating devices. This problem can be resolved by changing the channel or contacting the ISP to upgrade the plan with higher speed. Go to ‘Web app’ and select ‘Settings’. From here, you can change the channel with lesser congestion.
  2. How to prevent kids from accessing the internet?

If you want your kids to not access the internet or any website, you can turn on parental controls from the Netgear genie app installed on the smartphone. Go to ‘Manage’ menu from the ‘Settings’ section and search for ‘Parental Controls’.

So, these are 6 common problems which users are facing. If you are among those facing the same problem, you can try these troubleshooting steps on your own. We hope you will get success after applying these steps. For more information Netgear Orbi Setup you can visit Netgear Orbi Login.

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