How To Setup A New Netgear Orbi Router And Satellite?

Netgear Orbi Router

Just bought a new Orbi Router? Well, you must be looking forward to setting up the router for the first time, don’t you? Well, let’s get to the business without wasting any further time.

Setting up Netgear Orbi Router and Satellite:

  1. Begin the process by unplugging the modem followed by removing and replacing the backup battery if there is one being used.
  2. Now, plug the modem back in.
  3. It’s time to connect your modem to Orbi, which you can do by connecting the Ethernet cable from modem into the yellow port on the Orbi router.
  4. Connect your Orbi router to a power source, and as you do so, the power LED on the back of Orbi will light up. In case, it doesn’t, press ‘on/off’ button.
  5. Hold on until Orbi router’s ring LED turns to light solid white followed by pulse white.
  6. To get the best Wi-Fi coverage, it is advised to place Orbi satellite in the middle of the house.
  7. You should connect the Orbi satellite to a power source. It the power LED doesn’t light up, press ‘power on/off’ button.
  8. Wait until the right LED on Orbi Satellite turns solid white followed by pulse white and then, pulse magenta. The device may pulse magenta for around 60 seconds, as it tries to sync with Orbi router.
  9. After you see the LED on Orbi Satellite pulse magenta, it is going to light up for 10 seconds and then, turn off:
    1. Solid Blue: This light indicates that the connection between Orbi Router and Satellite is good.
    2. Solid Magenta: If this light flashes, then it means, the Satellite can’t connect to Orbi Router. Move Orbi Satellite to Orbi Router.
    3. Solid Amber: This light indicates that the connection between Orbi Satellite and Router is fair. To make it better, move Orbi Satellite closer to the Router.

Note: If you are still seeing pulse magenta on your Orbi Satellite despite moving the device to Orbi Router, then press ‘Sync’ button on the Orbi Router and Satellite.

If Orbi Satellite syncs with the Router successfully, the light you’re going to see will be pulse white, which will change to solid blue to indicate a good connection and then, it will turn off.

  1. Connect your PC or smartphone/tablet to Orbi router or satellite using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly.

Note: You will have to find the preset Wi-Fi network name, which otherwise is known as (SSID) and the password to connect to the Wi-Fi. These details can be found on the label of your Orbi Router or Satellite. Then, you can connect to the network from your Wi-Fi enabled mobile device or computer.

  1. At last, you need to download the Orbi app or log onto to set up your Orbi Wi-Fi network.

The ring LED on your Netgear Orbi Router is going to turn off upon the completion of setup.

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