How To Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) From Netgear Orbi Router?

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WPA2 is a term used mostly in the Wi-Fi routers. It is a kind of security password enabled on routers so that no unauthorized users can access your internet. Using WPA2 on a network is possible only if the WPS is disabled.

In Netgear Orbi routers, WPS feature is pre-enabled. Like UPnP, this feature also attracts online hackers and viruses.

What WPS actually is?

WPA2 is used in connection with PSK which stands for the pre-shared key. This password or passkey is used for connecting the smart devices to the home Wi-Fi network. You can’t connect any device directly without entering the password or passkey.

If you want to bypass this security and add the devices directly, then use the WPS feature. Though this process is a bit easier at the same time it can harm the router configuration.

How WPS is insecure?

Let’s learn about the things which make WPS an insecure way of connecting to the network.

PIN:  An 8 digit PIN in normal is created to connect the router to the device. The router identifies and checks only first four letters of PIN whereas the last 4 remained unchecked. This can be easily guessed by the hackers as the number of possible combinations are only 11000. After hacking the first four, the next four can be easily guessed. Apart from this, if you have knowledge of third party hacking software, you can easily track the PIN.

Push-button connect: Instead of entering the PIN or passkey, another method to secure the router from unauthorized users is by using the physical push button given on the router. No doubt, this is safer and reliable method of connecting to the network than the former one but security lags even in this method. This button can be pressed by any intruder even and he can start accessing the internet on his device.

Possibilities of disabling WPS

Not all routers support ‘WPS disable’ feature. It depends on the model and the company of router.

  • Some routers don’t support WPS disable function, so you can’t do anything with the configuration.
  • There are routers that support WPS disable but is optional. In such cases, the WPS will remain active even without your knowledge.
  • There are some routers that support both. You can enable as well as disable the WPS feature.
  • In many routers, PIN type security is disabled whereas the WPS feature is enabled.
  • Some routers don’t have built-in WPS. These types of routers are considered the best.

How to disable WPS?

The best and the simplest method to disable WPS on the router is by getting into ‘WPS setup key’. Disable PIN-based configuration and if available, disable WPS completely from the network.

Strange it may sound but it is true that WPS enabled routers also welcome other insecure features as well which includes UPnP and Pin based configurations which are threat to the network. For more information Orbi Router Setup you can visit Netgear Orbi Login.

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