What Is Netgear Orbi?

Netgear Orbi is a revolutionary networking device that allows you to stretch Wi-Fi coverage further than any other router can manage.

What makes Netgear Orbi different from its contemporaries is the encapsulation of two routers into a single device where one unit acting as a router while other operating as a Wi-Fi extender. Despite being a complex device, setting up Netgear Orbi is a breeze, and once it is set up, you will enjoy blazing-fast internet in all corners of your house.

Netgear Orbi

The secret to Netgear Orbi incredible performance lies in its design, which includes two units placed together to deliver the function of a router as well as a Wi-Fi Extender. Each unit is a complete tri-band router, which means, each unit incorporates multiple Ethernet ports along with USB ports.

Moreover, each unit comprises a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Band along with a couple of 5 GHz Bands. It isn’t the inclusion of two tri-band routers that make the difference, but it is how Netgear Orbi makes use of those routers that really set it apart from the rest. However, to enjoy fast and seamless internet through Orbi, one must know how to set up and login to Orbi default login page, details of which you will find in the sections below.

How Do I Setup My Orbi WiFi Extender?

The process of Netgear Orbi WiFi system involves multiple steps, which you need to follow in the same order in which they are given.

  1. To set up Netgear Orbi, unplug your existing modem and remove/replace the backup battery (If there is one inserted).
  2. Plug in the modem.
  3. On your Orbi router, there is an ‘Internet Port’, so connect your modem to this port with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  4. Connect Netgear Orbi to a wall power outlet.

Note: If the ‘Power LED’ on the back of the Orbi router doesn’t glow, then press the ‘On/Off’ button on the router.

  1. The LED on the router will turn solid white first and then, pulse white. Wait until this transition happens.
  2. Find a center location in your house where you can keep the Orbi Satellite to receive the best Wi-Fi coverage. Just like Orbi Router setup, you need to take care of Orbi Satellite setupas well, as both devices work together.
  3. It’s time to connect Orbi Satellite to power mains.

Note: If you’re seeing any light on the Power LED on the back of Orbi Satellite, press ‘On/Off’ button.

  1. Take a look at ring LED color of Orbi satellite because it needs to be light solid white in the beginning, then change to pulse white followed by pulse magenta.

Note: You may see pulse magenta blinking on the ring LED of Orbi satellite for a minute or until the satellite is trying to sync with the Orbi Router.

  1. As you see magenta light glowing on the ring LED of Orbi Satellite, you will see one of the three colors glowing for 10 seconds and then, turning off. Those are, Solid Blue, Solid Magenta, and Solid Amber.

What do different lights on Orbi Satellite Mean?

  • Solid Blue: It indicates no connection between Orbi Router and Orbi Satellite.
  • Solid Magenta: It indicates the inability of Orbi Satellite to connect with Orbi Router. Bring both devices close to each other to fix this issue.
  • Solid Amber: It indicates a connection between Orbi Router and satellite, which can be further improved by bringing both devices close to one another.

Note: Still getting ‘pulsing magenta’ glowing on the ring LED of Orbi Satellite, then press ‘Sync’ button on Netgear Orbi Router along with Satellite. Upon proper syncing of both devices, you will see ring LED pulsing white and turning into solid blue, which indicates a strong connection.

If the magenta light continues to glow, then it’s better to consult Orbi tech support by calling at Orbi tech support phone number because such stubborn issues are best handled by professionals.

Connect your computer or mobile device to Orbi Router or Satellite using an Ethernet or Wi-Fi Connection.

Note: To connect to a Wi-Fi network, find the network name and password, which you can find on the back of the Orbi Router or Satellite.

How Do I Login To My Orbi Router Via Orbi App?

As you complete the initial setup of Netgear Orbi, you need to log into the web interface of the device using Orbi app. Here is the process for the same:

Orbi App Login

  1. Download and install Netgear Orbi app that you can easily get from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. It is through this app that you can easily install your mesh system.
  3. You just have to connect your mobile device to the Router network, and as you do so, the app will take you through the rest of the procedure. It is possible for you to manage the entire network through Orbi app.
  4. You can set up and control a wide range of features such as, setting up parental controls, checking internet speed, pause Wi-Fi for connected devices and many more.

How Does Netgear Orbi Work?

Working of Netgear Orbi is premised upon the equipment it is being configured on along with surroundings. As Netgear Orbi constitutes nodes that are connected with one another, you can add several devices to the network without worrying about the internet getting weak because it won’t.

All the Wi-Fi points given in the router play an important role in providing a strong device connection along with Hi-Fi signal. There is no need to manipulate the router to get a better signal, as the signal strength will remain good throughout the premises.

Netgear Orbi makes sure of lightning-fast internet with minimum congestion, which is what makes the device unique. With all the aspects taken care of comprehensively by Netgear Orbi, there is no need to have any other device, provided you have successfully performed Netgear Orbi setup. One of the highlights of the device is its ability to provide a strong signal in every nook and cranny of the house, which is not possible in conventional routers.

What are Common Errors/Problems in Netgear Orbi Router?

The inclusion of so many amazing features doesn’t make users forget that ultimately, they are using an electronic device, which is prone to all sorts of technical errors. The problem with technical errors is that they halt the functioning of the device, which in this case, stopping of the internet, which many people can’t afford.

Let’s take a look as to what are the common problems in Netgear Orbi Router.

  1. Unable to connect Netgear Orbi to the internet.
  2. Insecure login for Orbi web interface.
  3. Unable to sync Netgear Orbi with Satellite.
  4. Orbi update of firmware was not successful.
  5. Problems in connecting Orbi Router to Orbi Satellite.
  6. Can’t see any light glowing on the Netgear Orbi LEDs.
  7. Unable to perform Orbi installation despite having the correct steps.
  8. No mesh network found after setting up Orbi Router.
  9. ‘No Wi-Fi’ error appearing after setting up Orbi.
  10. 401 unauthorized error.
  11. Can’t perform Orbi Configuration with the existing modem.
  12. ‘Firmware check’ error appearing on the screen.
  13. Unable to authenticate the router.
  14. Orbi Router is getting disconnected frequently.
  15. Unable to sync Orbi app with the device.
  16. Issues related to password protection and security.

Electronic devices and technical problems go hand in hand, so there is nothing to worry when you experience issues with your Netgear Orbi Router. You can immediately get in touch with Netgear Orbi help and support providers to receive the most comprehensive assistance regarding the issue(s) that you are facing.

How To Add Network Managers?

In Netgear Orbi, the owner’s network is already set up from the get-go, but if the owner wants, he/she can give charge to someone else as a network manager. To add a person as a network manager, you need to open ‘Settings’ followed by going to ‘Network settings And Managers’. Here you get the option to enter the email address of the person who you want to make your network manager and save his/her email address. An email will be sent on that person’s email address notifying him/her about the changes you’ve made.

A network manager has the power to add, remove or factory reset other devices along with many other controls.

How To Pause Connection Of Your Child In Netgear Orbi?

One of the main reasons for using Netgear Orbi is its ability to empower parents to control the internet access of kids. While there is an abundance of information on the internet from which kids can learn a lot, however, there are a countless number of things that they shouldn’t see as well. It is the duty of parents to check as to how much of the internet is accessed by their children and at what times.

To cease the internet access on your kid’s device, tap on the respective ‘Settings’ link followed by ‘Family Wi-Fi’. At the bottom, there will be ‘Pause’ button that you need to select after which, you will receive on-screen prompts, which will help you make a label for collection devices that are connected to the respective network. Now, you need to save the added devices under that label.

It is possible for you to obstruct a connection as per your preference. To do so, open the ‘Settings’ tab and click on the respective label name. To ‘un-pause’ the connection, return to the ‘Respective Settings’ tab followed by clicking on the same label again. The kind of control that Netgear Orbi is giving to you is really something that many wish to have.

How to configure Netgear Orbi in Access Point Mode?

You can easily configure Orbi in Access Point mode, given that you fulfill the prerequisites.

  1. Orbi Router.
  2. Ethernet cable.
  3. Cell phone or another Wi-Fi device.
  4. Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Existing gateway or router.
  6. TV
  7. DSL or cable service.

Follow these steps to configure Netgear Orbi Router as an access Point:

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable into the internet port of your Orbi router. The other end of the cable goes into the LAN port of your existing router/gateway.
  2. On your computer, launch an internet browser and enter orbilogin ‘http://orbilogin.com’ in the address bar. Use a mobile device if the computer is unavailable.
  3. A login window appears on the screen.
  4. Type in your username and password of the router (admin and password respectively) followed by clicking ‘log in’ button.
  5. The home page appears on the computer screen.
  6. Go to ‘Advanced’ option, then click ‘Advanced Setup’ followed by ‘Router/AP Mode’.
  7. Select AP mode.
  8. Click Apply.

Why Can’t I Log Into My Netgear Orbi Router?

If your Orbi is in a non-functional state, then it is most probably due to its outdated firmware version. You will have to check the firmware version of Orbi WiFi System and update it (if it is outdated). Find out the process of checking and updating the firmware of Orbi router and Orbi Satellite in the forthcoming section.

How to check the firmware version on Orbi Router And Satellite?

  1. Launch an internet browser on your computer or mobile device and enter ‘http://orbilogin.com’.
  2. Enter your username and password (admin and password respectively). If you’ve changed the password, then enter that new password.
  3. Click ‘Advanced’ > ‘Administration’ > ‘Firmware Update’.
  4. You can now check if Orbi Router and Satellite runs on the latest firmware version or not.

How to update firmware on your Orbi Satellite?

  1. On your computer, launch a web browser and type ‘http://downloadcenter.netgear.com’ to download the latest firmware for Orbi Satellite.
  2. Save the file on your computer.
  3. Click the tab named ‘Manual Update’.
  4. Find the model name of your Orbi satellite and select the check box given opposite to it.
  5. Click ‘Update’ button.
  6. If you are asked to enter an admin password, then enter the same password that you have created for Orbi router.
  7. Click ‘Browse’ button to find and upload the file that you saved earlier on your PC.
  8. It will take a few minutes for the file to upload. Once it does, select ‘Status’ followed by checking if the firmware version on the status page is the same as that of the firmware version given on Netgear support page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Orbi easy to set up?

There is nothing complicated when it comes to setting up Netgear Orbi as long as you are following the procedure in the right way.

How do I find my Orbi Admin password?

Orbi admin username and password are given in the manual that comes in the package. Find that manual and enter the details from there. You can also go to Orbi’s official website to find the login details.

How to restart Orbi WiFi System?

You can easily restart the device by pressing the ‘Power’ button given on the device. To turn it on, press the same button.

Why Can’t I download Orbi app?

If you are unable to download Orbi app, then you should check internet connectivity on your device. If the internet is not working, then it won’t be possible to download the app.

How To Restart Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi Network?

The sudden halt in the network’s functioning can cause a great deal of inconvenience, but the problem can be fixed by restarting the network. For that, you need to open ‘Settings’, then ‘Network Settings’, and finally ‘Wi-Fi Points’. You now have the option to restart the whole network or a network of any specific device.

If you have problems remembering passwords, then share it with someone who you trust in the network. To do so, open the ‘Settings’ tab followed by clicking on ‘Show Password’. Now, you can see the password of the respective network as it appears on the screen along with the ‘Share’ button.

How to Remotely Manage Your Orbi System Using the Orbi App?

You can easily manage your Orbi Wi-Fi System, but you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. On your smartphone, launch Orbi app and log in with your Netgear credentials. If you don’t have an account on Netgear, then create one.
  2. Once you log into the device, tap ‘menu’ icon from the dashboard.
  3. Click ‘Settings’ and then, ‘Remote Management’.
  4. To enable remote management, move ‘Remote Management’ Slider to the right side to manage Orbi system remotely.
  5. To manage your device on a remote basis, go to your Orbi app and click ‘Connect with Remote Management’.

Orbi App Login Fails On A New Phone?

Are you not able to log into Orbi app on your new smartphone, then you need to follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Make sure that the Orbi router and Satellite are powered on.
  2. In case, you are not using an updated version of Orbi app, then you must update the app.
  3. If the app is not compatible with the smartphone, then you should install the app on a different phone.

How Do I Find My Orbi Admin Password?

If you are trying to log into orbi router login admin page, but couldn’t do so because you don’t know the Orbi’s admin password, then fret not. You can follow below-mentioned steps to recover the forgot password to access Orbi admin page.

  1. Launch any web browser on your computer and go to Orbi login web address.
  2. Click on the link that says ‘Forgot Password’.
  3. A form will pop-up where you will have to enter basic details related to you.
  4. Click ‘Reset Password’ option.
  5. Enter a new password and re-enter it in ‘Confirm New Password’ box. Finally, hit ‘Submit’ button.

Orbilogin Admin Page Doesn’t Open?

If you can’t access the admin page of your Orbi WiFi System despite trying all the solutions, then you should factory reset your device. Follow these steps to factory reset your Orbi WiFi System –

  1. Make sure that Orbi WiFi System is turned on.
  2. Locate the ‘Reset’ button on the router. It is a recessed button, which you can press using a paperclip or pen.
  3. With that, your Orbi device has been reset to default factory settings. Now, you should set up the device from scratch.

Can’t Login To Orbi Satellite?

If have updated the firmware version on your Orbi Satellite, yet couldn’t login to Orbi Satellite, then you need to follow below-mentioned steps to fix the issue: Orbi satellite

  1. Power cycle your Orbi Satellite and router.
  2. Make sure that the Satellite is connected to an active power source.
  3. Wait until the Satellite boots up.
  4. Launch a web browser to log into the web interface of Orbi.
  5. Delete all the temporary files from your computer.
  6. Restart your computer and try to log into Orbi Satellite.
  7. Use the default Orbi login username and password.
  8. Make sure that Orbi Satellite is online.
  9. Reset Orbi router and Satellite to factory defaults.

Can’t Connect To Orbi WiFi?

Are you unable to access internet through your Orbi router? Don’t worry, as you can restore the functioning of Orbi WiFi System by implementing the following steps:

  1. Make sure that Orbi is plugged into a working electrical outlet.
  2. You need to power cycle Orbi router, modem and satellite.
  3. Check internet connectivity now, and if the internet is still not working, then proceed to the next steps.
  4. Launch your web browser and delete the cache, cookies and history on the browser by going into its ‘Settings’.
  5. You can also confirm the issue by accessing a different web browser.
  6. Try to open Orbi default IP address instead of any normal webpage.
  7. As a last resort, reset your Orbi WiFi System.

How Do I Fix My Orbi WiFi Connectivity Issues?

Are you not able to access orbilogin.com? Did you check if the internet is working at your premises? If there are internet connectivity issues in the house/office, then follow these steps to fix them:

  1. Make sure that Orbi is connected to an active internet connection.
  2. On your computer, launch a web browser.
  3. Go to orbilogin.com or www.orbilogin.net web page.
  4. A login page will appear.
  5. On the page, select ‘Advanced’ tab.
  6. Now, find out the IP address for internet port.
  7. Look for Mac cloning, as this can also fix the problem.
  8. Restart your Orbi router as well as Satellite.

Where to reach out for help in case of Orbi setup and login issues?

Are you still facing issues regarding Orbi setup and login, then you should get in touch with official Orbi support at https://www.netgear.com/support/contact.aspx. Here are a few options that you can consider:

  1. You can go to Orbi’s community page and share your questions there.
  2. You can check out the contact page of Orbi support and pick the best way of contacting the experts.
  3. The company is active on social media as well, so you can reach out to Netgear Orbi experts through their social media handles, which are:
    1. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Netgear
    2. Twitter https://twitter.com/NETGEAR
    3. YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/NETGEARChannel
    4. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/netgear/